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On its website, Yolllo doesn’t include any information about the company’s ownership or executives.

The principal domain for Yolllo’s website, “,” was initially registered in August 2021. On June 21st, 2022, the registration was last updated.Yolllo also has a private registration called “,” which was most recently updated on June 21.

Through a Florida address, “Yolllo Corp” is recognized as the principal website domain owner for Yolllo. The website for Yolllo has the exact same address.

An industrial power supply firm named OHM Americas really resides at that address.

Following the registration of its website domains in August 2021, Yolllo planned a marketing event on December 17 that it claimed occurred in Florida:

It was your standard output from a Boris CEO. a hired meeting space filled with actors.

This now “unofficial” brand launch failed, and by the middle of 2022, there was no traffic to Yolllo’s websites.

This led to a “relaunch” in Dubai, which was recently staged during the past weekend.

Pasha Kidman, who is listed as the CEO of Yollo, is the man in the picture above.

Kidman claims to speak Russian and English both at a native level on his own LinkedIn page. He has a little eastern European accent when speaking in English.

Kidman participated as an extra in a Miami-shot Rolls Royce dealership promotional film in 2020.

Kidman made an appearance on the TV show “Investing in America” in 2021, which sought to promote both domestic and foreign investment in the US.

At the Miami original launch event for Yollo in December, Kidman was already on board.

Kidman plays Yollo’s CEO quite well, but his deceit extends beyond that.

Kidman is also the owner of a recently established Florida business connected to Yolllo, which may be related to his apparent understanding of luring foreign investment in the US:

I’m unable to confirm anything, however “HappinessUp LLC” strikes me as clear money laundering given it is a shell corporation.

Who, therefore, is really behind Yolllo if Kidman is the company’s putative villain?

Russian and Ukrainian con artists are often the ones behind Boris CEO firms.

To that purpose, the official Yollo Facebook page is run out of Ukraine and Turkey.

The link between Yolllo and Turkey is Maxim Gorbachev:

According to Gorbachev, he helped found Yolllo. It is unknown with whom he is collaborating.

The image above is a screen capture from a Yollo marketing film from July 2022 that shows the launch of a “Yollo office” in Alanya, Turkey. Although it is unknown if Gorbachev is located in Turkey or not, he attended the event.

This clarifies why Turkey appears as an admin location on Yolllo’s Facebook page.

Regarding the Florida address that Ohm Americas owns and that Yollo uses?

In addition, Maxim Gorbachev founded and serves as chairman of OHM Americas.

Corporate documents connect Pasha Kidman and Gorbachev via the Florida shell corporations Eagle Next Group LLC and United MG Holdings LLC.

Yolllo may also go by the name of Tino Ludwig, who is listed as the “Asia Director of Development”:

Ludwig, who is thought to be a citizen of Germany, gained notoriety by hawking the Omnia Tech Ponzi scheme:

When Omnia Tech failed in 2018, the great majority of Ludwig’s 100,000+ downline suffered financial losses. A short-lived cryptocurrency trading relaunch was created (more losses).

Ludwig has emigrated to Dubai, as have many other MLM Ponzi marketers.

Ludwig not only continues to promote MLM Ponzi schemes but also teaches other con artists how to operate frauds out of Dubai.

The world’s MLM crime capital is Dubai.

Dubai’s BehindMLM rules are as follows:

You are being conned if a Dubai resident contacts you about an MLM opportunity.
An MLM business is fraudulent if it claims to be headquartered in Dubai or to have connections there.
Continue reading for a detailed explanation of how this relates to Yolllo particularly.

Products by Yollo
Yolllo has no items or services that can be purchased at retail for its MLM opportunity.

Yollo operates a “social platform” outside of what it symbolizes, where users may “upload your work and change it into NFT.”

You may use Yolllo’s NFT platform for free or with a monthly subscription:

1 month – $9
$49 for six months
For a year, $89
NFTs cannot be created by or sold by free members. The premium tiers don’t seem to differ from one another.

I don’t want to spend too much time on it and waste your or my brainpower. Yollo’s NFT platform is unrelated to their MLM offer, as was already revealed.

Yolllo’s Payout Schedule
Affiliates of Yollo make investments in Yollo tokens with the hope of later selling them for a profit.

Light: Make a $100 investment to get 10,000 Yollo tokens.
Simple: Make a $300 investment to obtain 30,000 Yolllo coins.
Advanced: Make a $1188 investment to get 118,800 Yolllo tokens.
VIP: Make a $50,000 investment to get 5,000,000 Yollo tokens.
Keep in mind that tokens purchased using Yolllo remain frozen for 365 days. On the promise of a 240% ROI, this is done.

Each of the aforementioned Yolllo investment packages includes additional tokens that can only be accessed after earning certain Yolllo Rating Marks (YRMs).

On Yolllo’s social network, “Yolllo Rating Marks” are used to leave “Likes” (one mark equals one like).

When a Yollo affiliate makes an investment, they are given Yollo Rating Marks (YRM), which they must spend to accrue bonus tokens.

Light: Invest $100 to obtain 100 YRMs, then spend 1 YRM each day for 100 days to get 99 Yolllo tokens (9900 tokents total)
The simplest scenario is to deposit $300 to acquire 300 YRMs, utilize 3 YRMs each day to get 297 Yolllo tokens every day for 100 days (29,700 tokens total)
Advanced: Invest $1188 to acquire 1200 YRMs; for 100 days, utilize 12 YRMs each day to get 1188 Yolllo tokens every day (118,800 tokens total)
Use 30 YRMs each day to purchase 2970 Yolllo tokens per day for 100 days after investing $3000 to obtain 2500 YRMs (297,000 tokens total)
Expert: Invest $10,000 to obtain 10,000 YRMs; for 100 days, use 100 YRMs each day to purchase 9,900 Yolllo tokens every day (990,000 tokens total)
VIP: Invest $50,000 to earn 50,000 YRMs; spend 500 YRMs every day for 100 days to get 49,500 Yolllo tokens per day (4,950,000 tokens total)
There are 99 Yolllo tokens utilized as the particular ROI rate per YRM. Based on how much they’ve invested, Yolllo affiliates are limited in how much they may earn each day.

The Yolllo MLM division provides commissions on the acquisition of new affiliate investors.

Affiliate Ranks for Yollo
The pay structure at Yolllo consists of eight tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Yolllo affiliates must register and make at least one investment each 365 days.
Producer: find five partners who have each contributed at least $300. (Basic tier or higher)
Line Producer: personally hire five GA Producers or more Administrative Producer: personally hire five Producers or more GA Producer: personally hire ten Producers or more
VIP Producer: personally hire five Executive Producers or more Prime Producer: personally hire five Line Producers or more Executive Producer: personally hire five Prime Producers or more
Advisory Commissions
Yolllo offers three tiers of recruitment-related referral commissions (unilevel):

These levels’ referral commission rates are based on rank:

Affiliates who are directly recruited receive 3% on level 1 and 2.5% on levels 2 and 3.
Level 1 producers receive 5%, while Levels 2 and 3 producers earn 2.5%.
Earning potential for administrative producers ranges from 12% at level 1 to 2.5% at levels 2 and 3.
Producers of GA may expect to make up to 17% on level 1 and 2.5% on levels 2 and 3.
Earning potential for line producers on level 1 is up to 22%, and levels 2 and 3 pay 2.5%.
Prime Producers can make up to 27% at level 1 and 2.5% at levels 2 and 3.
Executive producers can earn up to 28 percent at level 1 and 2.5 percent at levels 2 and 3.
Level 1 VIP Producers can earn up to 29%, while Levels 2 and 3 producers can earn 2.5%.
The range of “up to” commissions is related to the hiring of Producers.

You can see from the aforementioned example that the Administrative Producer’s referral commission ranges from 4% to 12%.

Why the initial Producer rate (5%) is greater than the Administrative rate (4%), is a mystery to me.

Comparative Bonus
Yolllo gives Administrative Producers and above a Matching Bonus.

The Matching Bonus appears to be a 1% match on MLM commissions made by unilevel team affiliates at the same level or higher in the ranking system.

Premium World Primacy
Executive Producers and higher-ranked affiliates are given 1% of the total investment volume at Yolllo as an incentive.

Yolllo affiliate membership requires a startup investment of between $100 and $50,000 to join:

A light costs $100, a basic $300, an advanced $1188, a pro $3000, an expert $10,000, and a VIP $50,000.
A Yolllo affiliate’s revenue potential increases with the amount they invest.

Yolllo Summary
Yollo is an example of a standard MLM Ponzi token scheme.

Affiliates invest in Yolllo tokens, which are then parked with the business for 365 days in exchange for a 240% return on investment that is, of course, paid in Yolllo tokens.

CoinMarketCap lists the Yolllo cryptocurrency, however it is untracked. It was probably built in a few minutes for little to no money using the standard x20 token configuration.

The Yolllo Ponzi business concept may be summed up as actual money is invested when affiliates are attracted. Then, Yolllo issues tokens at no cost to it, allowing affiliates to withdraw funds as long as there is sufficient fresh investment to support withdrawals.

When that unavoidably fails, Yolllo flees and/or dumps the token on open markets.

Without the financial incentives provided by the MLM component of the firm, Yolllo’s ultimate collapse would occur sooner.

Regarding the absurd NFT platform, it is a problem without a solution. It doesn’t really matter because Yollo is merely using NFTs to promote their Ponzi.

It is tough work to tie daily returns to hitting the “like” button. It’s intended to provide the impression that there is activity taking place that is unrelated to Yolllo’s main Ponzi scheme.

I’d be amazed if the requirement to leave hundreds of likes each day in order to obtain the bonu ROI hasn’t already been automated. Alternatively, Yolllo itself might not provide this feature.

Maxim Gorbachev describes Yollo as a “American corporation” on the regulatory front:

Yolllo targets the US through Uri Kasparov in addition to Asia through Tito Ludwig:

Ksparov (right) indicates on LinkedIn that he is based in New York.

Kasparov claims to have founded Jeunesse. He claims that Amway was how he first entered the MLM industry in 1992.

Kasparov has just remade himself as a crypto bro;

Additionally, I facilitate connections and invest in “EndoTech” cryptocurrencies.

Daisy AI, a failed Ponzi scam established in 2020, is the work of EndoTech.

Kasparov claims to be headquartered in Florida on Facebook. He is also connected to Dubai;

The token investment plan offered by Yollo plainly qualifies as a securities offering under the Howey Test.

In order to offer and promote securities in the US, one must register with the SEC.

The SEC has not registered Yollo, any executives working for it, or anybody marketing it.

This indicates that Yolllo, a “American business,” is at the very least engaging in securities fraud. This makes it easier for Yolllo to function as a Ponzi scheme.

As with all MLM Ponzi scams, fresh investment will cease as soon as affiliate recruiting does.

Yollo will eventually fail as a result of being deprived of ROI income.

The MLM Ponzi scheme logic makes it certain that most investors lose money.

You already know how this story ends—Russians hiding away in Dubai and Turkey, bitcoin, actresses.

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