VCCP- Scam Review


VCCP was a “click on a button” Ponzi scheme aimed toward Colombian traders.   

Exit scams have emerged on account of the current failure of the unique scheme.   

Within the vein of “click on a button” schemes, VCCP was the norm. Buyers have been misled into believing that VCCP was producing ROI income by manipulating social media when, in actuality, the corporate was merely shifting their cash round. As quickly because the “click on a button” Ponzi schemes go down, the Chinese language con artists behind them merely take down the rip-off websites’ web sites.   

One of these Ponzi scheme would proceed till native traders realized that the market they have been concentrating on was worthwhile.  A contemporary exit fraud technique has developed within the case of the VCCP, nevertheless.    Guests to VCCP have been greeted with the next message in some unspecified time in the future within the final week:   

Colombia’s Basic Tax Administration has banned the VCCP.   

negotiations between the VCCP firm’s prime administration and the State Tax Administration prior to now. To maintain the corporate working easily, extra taxes should be paid by all workers. 

To keep away from detection, scammers have concocted a story to cover behind in Colombia like they do elsewhere.  The VCCP scammers are out to steal much more cash from Colombians, this time beneath the pretense of accumulating taxes (which is unnecessary in any respect).   

Backoffice funds might be accessed for between 20,000 and 15.1 million COP, relying on the VCCP investor’s choice.   

With a purpose to pull off the exit fraud, VCCP traders should consider that backoffice cash exists to be withdrawn.   

Taxes can’t be deducted from the unique account stability.   

After taxes are paid, you possibly can return to work.   

Members’ accounts might be completely suspended if worker firms fail to pay taxes on time.   

If traders do not pay up, the VCCP crooks would even threaten them with tax fraud.   

On account of the freeze, the Colombian Tax Workplace might be notified of your earnings and your credit score historical past might be recorded.   

The VCCP’s warnings are faux, and anybody in Colombia can name their native tax authority to confirm this. Nonetheless, they’re banking on the truth that traders who’ve fallen sufferer to a Ponzi scheme is not going to wish to report the fraud to the authorities.  

Final however not least, the money that was stolen from the victims of VCCP might be donated to social welfare teams as nicely.   

To be clear, nothing in regards to the VCCP departure scheme includes Colombian authorities. If you happen to ship over any additional COP, the crooks in China will get their arms on it proper now.   

Even though the lifespan of “click on a button” Ponzi schemes is dwindling (we’re right down to every week or two for many of them now), they’re nonetheless being pumped out in an try to draw traders from new areas of the world.   

Twenty-eight “click on a button” Ponzi schemes have been recorded by us to this point. Buying and selling exercise was not generated in Might 2022 due to COTP (pretending associates clicked a button to generate it).   

When the every day job element was deactivated within the EthTRX app-based Ponzi scheme in July 2022, the scheme went bust.   

Buying and selling exercise is generated by pretending to click on a button and aiming for Indonesia.   

KKBT-claimed that clicking a button offered cryptocurrency mining income, focused South Africa and India, and went bancrupt originally of June 2022.   

It targets Colombia and can discontinue operations in July 2022 beneath the pretense that clicking a button is linked to social media manipulation (YouTube likes).   

DF Finance went bankrupt in June 2022 after pretending that clicking on a button created “buy knowledge.”  

After pretending that clicking a button was linked to social media manipulation (likes on YouTube, and so forth.), Shared989 crumbled In June 2022, an try was made to hyperlink the act of clicking a button with inserting a wager on the end result of a soccer sport, however in the end failed.   

Once I pretended to gamble on soccer match outcomes by clicking a button, I collapsed.   

The declare that urgent a button had something to do with inserting a wager on the end result of a soccer sport promptly fell aside…   

Soccer match outcomes are tied to the press of a button in Might 2022. 365Ball has already collapsed a number of occasions.   

It pretends that the act of hitting a button is linked to wagering on the outcomes of soccer video games, though it has since shut down. Within the month of July, 2022 Utilizing Parkour, which means that clicking a button is tied to social media manipulation (YouTube likes, for instance), has collapsed, earlier than crashing, it simulated that associates had clicked on one thing, which had brought about commerce to start.   

In Might 2022, N9 An associates program that purported that clicking a button was linked to wagering on soccer match outcomes crashed in Might 2022. Tron. TRX cloud mining went bust in Might of 2022, and BI pretended that associates urgent a button had any connection to it. BI-pretended that associates who clicked on a button have been linked to TRX cloud mining, which ultimately collapsed.  

An associates program that claimed that urgent a button was linked to betting on the end result of soccer matches has gone bankrupt. In Might 2022, GP Soccer went bankrupt—an internet site that claimed associates have been betting on soccer video games by clicking a button. In Might 2022, an internet site referred to as Fortunate Soccer, which claimed that associates’ clicking on a button meant they have been betting on the end result of soccer video games, went bankrupt. Pretending that associates’ actions have been linked to the end result of soccer matches collapsed in Might 2022WT91. Soccer match outcomes are linked to associates clicking on a button in Might 2022WT91-collapsed Sooner or later within the 12 months 2022. 

The month of July In July 2022, an internet site that claimed associates have been betting on the outcomes of soccer video games by clicking on a button was shut down.   

Within the month of July, 2022, Pretending to be associates, PerRank pretended to click on on an order button after which collapsed.   

On the finish of the 12 months 2022, App-based Ponzi scheme Fondo Angel, through which every day duties have been blocked and collapsed, Within the month of July, 2022 If you happen to click on a button, Zpmxcfe-claims that it’s linked to social media manipulation (YouTube likes, for instance).

In July 2022, Let’s Yarn – an internet site pretending to create orders on Etsy – crashed.   

Orders for ecommerce companions have been created by Large Forest-fake associates clicking a button, however the rip-off collapsed in July 2022.   

It pretends that clicking a button is linked to social media manipulation. A bunch of Chinese language scammers seems to be behind all the app-based job Ponzi schemes.

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