Lion Group Corporation- Scam Review


Lion Group Company’s web site does not listing its homeowners or managers.   

“” was registered on October 19, 2021.   

The area proprietor is the Estonia-based Lion Group Company.   

The handle lists Estonia’s Vabamatsi. Lion Group Company is not seemingly primarily based in Vabamatsi or has Estonian ties.   

If an MLM firm is not clear about who runs it, assume twice earlier than becoming a member of or giving cash.   

Lion Group does not promote something.   

Associates can solely promote Lion Group membership.   

Lion Group associates make investments for a “1-year” ROI: 

Star 1: A $50 funding yields 1% every day.   

Star 2: A $100 funding yields 1% per day.  

Star 3: Make investments $250 to get 1% every day.   

Make investments $500 and earn 1% per day.  

Star 5: $1000 invested yields 1.3% every day.

Investing $2000 earns 1.3% every day.  It is implied that Lion Group Company solicits cryptocurrency investments.   

Lion Group Company’s MLM division recruits affiliate traders.   

Lion Group’s associates program has 15 rungs.   

Listed here are their qualification standards:  Be part of Lion Group and begin investing at present.   

Recruit two associates and create $2,000 in downline funding quantity.   

Discover 4 associates and earn $8000.   

Sapphire: Recruit six associates and generate $12,000 in downline investments.   

Double Sapphire: Recruit eight associates and produce $25,000 in downline funding quantity.   

10 associates, $80,000 in downline funding quantity.   

Diamond: Recruit 12 associates and create $300,000 in downline investments.   

Black Diamond has 12 instantly recruited associates and $500,000 in downline funding.   

White Diamond: Recruit 13 associates and produce $1,000,000 in downline funding.   

Platinum: Recruit 14 associates and generate a downline funding of $2,000,000.  

Double Platinum: Recruit 15 associates and generate a downline funding of $3,000,000.  

President: Recruit 16 associates and generate a downline funding of $5,000,000.  

Earn $10,000 by recruiting 17 associates.  

Sensible President: Recruit 18 associates and generate a downline funding of $20,000,000.  

18 instantly recruited associates and $50 million in downline funding quantity. 

Lion Group’s referral commissions are unilevel.   

An affiliate on the prime of a unilevel workforce has each individually recruited affiliate proper beneath them (degree 1):   

Recruited degree 1 associates be a part of the unique affiliate’s unilevel squad on degree 2.   

If degree 2 associates recruit new associates, they’re positioned on degree 3, and many others., down a vast variety of ranges. 

Lion Group limits unilevel workforce ranges to 6. 

Referral commissions are a proportion of six-level investments.  (personally recruited associates) 15 %.

The World Pool pays associates for downline investments (their total unilevel workforce). 

Star 1% of traders get 1% of downline investments. Associates 1 Star 2 traders get 1% of the downline investments. Associates 1 and a couple of stars. Star 1, 2, 3 and 5 associates obtain 1% of funds invested by Star 1, 2, 3, and 5 associates.

Star Every investor receives 1% of funds invested by Star 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 associates. 

The Lion Group Company awards associates that attain Gold with Rank Achievement Bonuses. $50 for qualifying gold. $100 to qualify for Double Gold.  

Qualify for Sapphire and $100 per week for 3 weeks.    

$700 and $175 every week for 1 month at Double Sapphire.

Get $3000 and $375 every week for two months at White Sapphire.

Diamond wants $10,000 plus $500 each week for five months.

Black Diamond: $15,000 plus $625 every week for six months.

at White Diamond and earn $1,607 every week for 7 months.   

Platinum: $90,000 plus $2812 every week for 8 months.   

Double Platinum: $150,000 plus $4166/week for 9 months.   

If elected, you may get between $300,000 and $7,500 per week for ten months.   

The Nice President pays $500,000 and $11,365 every week for 11 months.   

Sensible presidents get between $1 million and $20,835 every week for a 12 months.   

Worldwide Presidents are paid $3,000,000 and $57,692 per week for a interval of 13 months.

Lion Group affiliate membership appears free.   

A minimal $50 funding is required for this earnings alternative.  It is implied that Lion Group Company solicits cryptocurrency investments.   

Lion Group Company is a promising company that delivers distinctive expertise to the bitcoin market.   

“Crypto buying and selling” supposedly generates exterior income, however there is not any proof. MLM crypto Ponzi schemes typically use cryptocurrency buying and selling.   

Regardless of its funding scheme being a securities providing, Lion Group Company hasn’t registered with any regulators.   

Lion Group Company has dedicated securities fraud.   

New funding is Lion Group Company’s solely confirmed income supply.   

Lion Group Company is a Ponzi scheme since new investments pay associates every day returns.   

As soon as affiliate recruitment dries up, so will recent funding.   

Lion Group Company will collapse with out ROI income.   

Ponzi schemes’ math ensures that almost all contributors will lose cash once they collapse.

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