CashFX Group – Scam Review Part 6


The long-running exit fraud following the demise of CashFX Group continues.

Top investor accounts have recently been cancelled. The crooks who hold the accounts are distraught over their “losses.”

Tanya Jennings mistakenly “leaked” CashFX Group’s reshuffling of investor cash in one of her now-deleted marketing films

Jennings is a prominent CashFX Group promoter in Australia. She works at James Curtis’s back office.

Curtis is a leading CashFX Group promoter from the United Kingdom.

Curtis and Jennings are suspected of earning hundreds of thousands of dollars by recruiting CashFX Group victims.

James joined Cash FX in late February 2020, purchasing a $500 bundle, and has not invested a single penny more since.

Within 15 months, his $500 pack had grown to a $100,000 pack, and he is now producing a large income from both the trading and business sides (recruiting).

Curtis wrote this to his CashFX Group victims in response to his firing;

Like most of you, I joined CFX because it appeared to be a real and legitimate business.

The first year appeared to be quite excellent, with no apparent withdrawal problems.

However, as most of you are aware, this is no longer the case, with many individuals now having to wait up to 12 months for a withdrawal.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am no longer with CFX.

CFX is furious and… People’s accounts have been suspended for no reason, with baseless charges of cross pitching.

Tanya and I were both kicked off the Dictator’s Chat last week as a result of these claims!

Tanya notified me this week that the company had withdrawn $144,034 from her balance in her $100,000 account and that her account had been suspended.

The next day, I logged into my own account and discovered that the company had withdrawn $228,000 from my balance, and my $100k account had been suspended.

We both sent messages directly to Huascar Lopez, CEO of Cash FX Group, through Telegram chat, asking an explanation.

Our messages have been read, but we have received no response or official correspondence from the company.

Even as I write this, I have received no correspondence from the company, which is not surprising given that the company never seems to communicate with any of its members. This is revolting to me!

Tanya and I were owed nearly $1 million in withdrawals, which have now been returned to the company, with CFX already illegally withdrawing $372,034 from both of our accounts without our permission, despite the fact that we are bound by a contract with the company, which they have breached.

This sum is insignificant in comparison to what could now be worth more than a billion dollars due to the approximately 400,000 CFX members.

Unfortunately, many people have used their life savings to buy a “trade pack” and were sold a ticket to the promised land of financial freedom.

As a result, legal action will be taken against CFX, and a liquidation order will be filed, because they breached these contracts with no proof, no written correspondence from corporate, and certainly no valid reason.

I’d also like to point out that, legally, a company cannot tell its members what they can and cannot do outside of the company because we are not CFX employees.

There are thousands of you in the team who are extremely frustrated while waiting for withdrawals; some of you have been waiting for as long as a year!

To my horror, I recently learned that the Presidents and above in CFX are actually paid on a monthly basis, which explains why most Presidents and above have remained so calm during the withdrawal delays.

This is beyond unethical and sickening to hear, especially given how many team members are struggling financially and haven’t been paid in a long time.

Not to mention that the company has yet to produce any audited reports to prove that it is actually trading, which is a legal requirement.

I wish you the best of luck and success… I hope you are able to get some of your money back from CFX.

My entire team and future earnings have now conveniently rolled up to Justin Halladay to reap the benefits of my and your hard work.

This group will be closed within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme You despise seeing it.

Make no mistake, Curtis, who claims to have been in MLM for “over 30 years,” knew CashFX Group was a Ponzi scheme from the moment he joined.

Curtis was well aware that CashFX Group was a Ponzi scheme because he had recruited thousands of people into it. And he’s still refusing to admit it’s a Ponzi scheme, even as he and Jennings are cut off from fictitious backoffice balances.

Nobody is going to court over stolen monopoly money funds in a Ponzi scheme, obviously.

Anyone who is still involved with CashFX Group is aware that the Ponzi scheme collapsed around November 2021. Top investors like Curtis and Jennings pretended everything was fine at first.

As the months and excuses passed, CashFX Group’s top recruiters fell silent and began to distance themselves from the Ponzi scheme.

This resulted in Luigi Bruni’s tumultuous divorce from Justin Halladay. Bruni and Halladay have stolen millions as joint beneficiaries of the top non-admin CashFX Group investment position.

Bruni is suspected of being disconnected after promoting other MLM opportunities, one of which is a Ponzi scheme, according to BehindMLM. The other is an MLM trading opportunity that is practicing securities fraud.

Bruni is hard at work directing CashFX Group investors to 8 Minute Trader. Curtis and Jennings’ CashFX Group accounts were suspended as a result of the same behavior.

CashFX Group appears to be divided into two camps at the moment. Those who have followed Bruni into 8 Minute Trader and other scams, as well as those who believe CashFX Group will pull millions of dollars out of thin air to pay ROI balances that do not exist.

Bruni’s involvement in funneling CashFX Group scammers into 8 Minute Trader is intriguing. The risk that parent company Youngevity is taking with their established MLM business cannot be overstated.

After reviewing 8 Minute Trader, BehindMLM can confirm that it is not a Ponzi scheme. The standard prerequisites for an MLM opportunity to qualify as securities fraud are also missing; the current offering lacks an automated trading component.

However, there are several sorts of securities fraud, and Youngevity seemed unconcerned.

Shills on YouTube reduce the ROI scheme of 8 Minute Trader to “62% in 8 minutes” or “daily 1% to 10%”:

These are at the very least potential breaches of Section 5 of the FTC Act, which covers false or unfair earnings promises.

If Sal Leto’s signals bot causes widespread losses for the majority of 8 Minute Trader customers, Youngevity is unlikely to recover.

It takes a lot of faith to put your trust in someone with ties to OneCoin, possibly the most notorious MLM Ponzi scheme of all time. With Bruni and other Ponzi schemers involved, the stakes are tremendous.

While you can pay a dentist to clean and whiten your teeth, removing a Ponzi scammer’s greed is far more difficult.

Bruni’s reputation has been built on defrauding people through Ponzi schemes, so in addition to 8 Minute Trader, we have Alya Finance, EnviFX, and Automated Capital.

Alya Finance is your standard MLM cryptocurrency shitcoin Ponzi scam. Envi FX and Automated Capital are US-based companies that engage in securities fraud.

As with potential securities law and FTC Act violations, Youngevity appears unconcerned that their 8 Minute Trader affiliates are also promoting scams.

On Justin Halladay’s side of CashFX Group, you have a top earner who is aware that CashFX Group is dead but continues to participate.

Halladay left the CashFX Group bandwagon in early to mid-2021, despite continuing to receive stolen investor funds.

I’m not sure what the financial agreement between Halladay and Huascar Lopez is/was, but he did relocate his family to the Dominican Republic at one time.

Halladay has since returned to the United States with his family.

Following the demise of CashFX Group, Halladay has begun to look for other sources of income.

Unlike Bruni, Halladay began this much earlier.

Halladay has been promoting different NFT frauds for the greater part of a year:

He accomplishes this through NFTAddictz.

Halladay presently has 863 useless NFTs in his NFTAddictz wallet.

The next NFTAddictz swindle is a shady metaverse scheme:

Justin Halladay’s team is developing five games in which gamers may earn cash.

“One of them is known as the Crypto Casino,” Halladay explains.

“We’re creating a casino that you’ll be able to play in Minecraft.” If you enjoy going to casinos, you’ll be able to win tokens by playing slots, blackjack, and roulette.”

Tokens are crypto coins that can be used to purchase exclusive experiences and content, as well as custom character NFTs and other content and perks.

“People will be able to play our games and create crypto currencies when they achieve specific levels,” Halladay explains. That one has piqued my interest.”

Microsoft-owned Mojang Studios banned NFTs and blockchain from Minecraft last month. Whatever Halladay’s most recent ruse is, it has nothing to do with Minecraft.

Also, given that Minecraft is essentially a children’s game, Halladay’s desire to incorporate a genuine crypto casino into it is extremely troubling.

When comparing Halladay’s and Bruni’s behavior, Huascar Lopez looks to have put a line in the sand with MLM chances.

That is, because CashFX Group had failed, Bruni and Halladay were free to promote other scams as long as they were not MLM.

While Bruni has left, Halladay appears to be staying as long as he is paid off.

Otherwise, it makes no sense to stay with a defunct Ponzi scheme that you ceased actively marketing over a year ago.

Whatever the agreement is, it has caused Halladay to have a mid-life crisis.

He’s spent the last year purchasing toys, getting tattooed, and posting religious content on social media.

After defrauding millions via Ponzi schemes, Halladay appears to believe that paying lip respect to God is the path to redemption.

Cleaning one’s soul, unlike Luigi Bruni’s rotten teeth, is not so simple. And, to the extent that Halladay isn’t saturated in religious hypocrisy, he’s well aware of it.

On Halladay’s Facebook timeline, you won’t find Exodus 20:15, “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”

According to CashFX Group CEO Huascar Lopez, what began as a vacation to Italy has now revealed itself to be the beginnings of an exit-scam.

CashFX Group’s most recent public corporate event occurred in November, shortly after they disabled withdrawals for the first time.

Lopez has not been seen in public for several months. His present whereabouts and condition are unknown.

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